Online Classes - Communicational exchange for ballet masters, trainers & teachers: build-up of fitness & training am 18.09.2020

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16:30 - 18.00 Uhr

Univ.Prof. Andreas Starr, MSc, Diplom-Tanzpädagoge

Ballet masters, mistresses and rehearsal directors, administrative staff and choreographers are in a unique and highly demanding position and responsibility. Responding well to this unusual period not only means to alter our familiar ways of doing things, changing schedules, rehearsals and performances, but to also adapt to this currently everchanging situation and provide a good build-up for the dancers we are responsible for.

In addition to these recommendations, questions about the practice application can be followed-up in zoom meetings. These can cover areas from how to gain and establish dancer’s fitness, the build-up of training and rehearsals or adaptations within company classes or rehearsal scheduling etc.

This offer aims to provide further sport scientific and dance science support, room for questions as well as general exchange of thoughts and can be booked as:

– Individual online sessions one-on-one as well as in smaller groups whichever way preferred.

– Short online presentations about these recommendations that are followed by a Q&A session.

At the beginning of the new season, is offering a free online colloquium for the trainers and ballet masters of the city, state and national theaters.

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