DNS - Dynamisch neuromuskuläre Stabilisation vom 24.05.2019 bis 26.05.2019 (= 3 Tage)

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24.05.2019 - 26.05.2019 (= 3 Tage)


A DNS (Dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation) approach to Pilates, Yoga and other functional movement systems                                                                                                

Our genetically anchored movement respectively our natural, inborn movement skills are often lost in the course of our lifetime due to lack of movement or too much unilateral focus. But we are built for this species-specific movement program! Even if, for whatever reason, this competence is lost, our body searches for this native movement and can also remember it through appropriate training.

Understanding developmental Kinesiology provides a framework to appreciate the regional interdependence and interlinking of the skeleton, joints, musculature and CNS (Body & Brain!) during movement. This allows for assessment and training of both the dynamic and stabilization function of muscles within the kinetic chains.

What do I get as participant?

A practice-oriented course in which the therapeutic DNS principles are taught in a practical and directly applicable way for you as movement experts. An interactive and unique approach specifically developed for movement specialists in the field of Pilates, Yoga and Natural Movements!

Robert is a “Hands-On-Man” and used to work with groups. With his European style and easy-to-understand English explanations, his seminars are always an impressive experience. He knows how to pick up the participants individually and to implement therapeutic DNA principles in an understandable and entertraining way in practice. 

Handout, Certificate, ARTZT vitality Mini-Ball and CLX Band and catering (coffee breaks and lunch or get-together-dinner on the first day) are included.

Note for DNS students: This course will not count towards taking future DNS courses.

Target group

Pilates-, Yoga- and Mobility-Trainer and other functional movement experts

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