Online Classes - Progressive Body Conditioning for Dancers am 07.09.2020

10:00-11:30 Uhr
12,00 Euro für interne Mitglieder
18,00 Euro für externe Teilnehmer

beyond the barre- Body-conditioning for dancers

Progressive Body Conditioning for Dancers: Participate in an efficient workout once a week before you get back to the theatre.

zoom session 90 minutes/week

Exel and get safe in your dance performance, ramp up your fitness after the lockdown of Covid-19 to get ready for the new season with an expert in a supplemental training program. 

Body-conditioning for professional dancers aims to strengthen your body with your own body weight or little additional weights or a theraband. It helps to improves your core muscles, strengthens muscles essentials for better turn-out and jumps, develops your body alignment and includes anaerobic exercises. This progressive conditioning regime allows dancers to prepare themselves with the help of a sport scientist. Join in and sweat in this zoom session program for a few weeks and train in good company.

The seminar is organized via zoom. The meeting ID will be sent out 15 minutes before the start to your e-mail address.


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